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Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce 2023 Marquee Business Awards Application

As current financial members of the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, the annual Marquee Business Awards have several categories to support members and sponsors in the Greater Springfield region.

Sponsors include Quest Springfield Central, and other prominent successful and large businesses.

This year, Qmech Industries design study teach tm entered in the category of Best Customer Service Award, the criteria required the venture to be less than 12 months.

Tay Tay and Lana B, submitted their entry this year, as newcomer amateur photographers and creatives in Greater Springfield.

They highlighted their continued support of the Greater Springfield community, fundraisers and volunteering efforts at Springfield Christian Family- Westside Community Care Network volunteers for SVDP NILS which Bianca QMech is the Westside Community Care Network coordinator for NILS applications.

As young entrepreneurs, they face many challenges in business and knowledge, and are guided and mentored throughout their journey in photography, marketing, photoshop and publishing.

As a relatively new venture, they have created a supportive environment bringing on board other young entrepreneurs through their school and friendship groups.

Qmech Industries design study teach tm would like to thank the sponsors and executive team at Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity to be involved in this initiative.

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