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Response to Covid-19

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Est. 2017 Lhiam Qmech Platform 8 offers online tuition.

Lhiam Qmech Platform 8 was established in 2017 to accommodate our remote clients in association with the homeschooling community, travellers and those residing overseas.

Predominantly facilitated via online conference tools, premium users receive access to accompanying resources and lesson plans.

Transition to Platform 8 with ease.

"The transition from face to face sessions to online conferencing has been relatively smooth. Our clients have been well prepared with their equipment and workspaces. I allow an extra ten minutes between my session bookings for admin tasks and any other unforeseen challenges." Lhiam Qmech- Tutor.

Getting Started.

Accepting the link or invitation.

The use of social media has made staying connected during Covid-19 relatively easy. We aim to make the process as easy as accepting the online conference link or invitation, which is sent an hour before a booked session via email or messenger.


Lhiam Qmech tuition sessions are supervised. There are two tutors attending each online conference.

All current protocol concerning our Working with Children and WHS considerations as outlined in your Consultation Agreement remains.

(C) Copyright 2020 Lhiam Qmech All rights reserved.

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