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Roaring 20's Gatsby Theme Awards and Celebration

Monday, 30 November 2020.

The 1920’s were deemed the Roaring 20’s! The year, that made the decade roar! (as described from the pages of Metalfloss-10 world shaping events. N.d.)

We thought there was not a more appropriate title to celebrate our end of year with our students and their families!

Now more than ever, we wanted a casual fun event, without pressure, our message to the students was to play what you enjoy the most, and to “do it your way!”

Even our graduation certificate was carefully planned, we loved designing and creating an unusual tribute to 2020, QMCI style.

We were absolutely spoilt with recitals from our youngest and newest students in singing, keyboard and guitar performing solo.

Special thanks go to Ms. Amber for attending the event and ensuring the care and professionalism, thoroughly appreciated, and from an accomplished musician and artist, and to her amazing singing students.

Congratulations and Thank you.

Every person was an absolute delight to watch on stage. We are super proud of you all. For some, this was your very first time, playing/ performing in front of people you had not met before, and the circumstances of this year, have made for unprecedent and unpredictable times. We hope that you enjoyed yourselves immensely, and that you recognize how significant and special your performances were. We absolutely appreciated your time and effort.

COVID19 precautions were seating spacing, limited attendees > 43, GLEN20 on all surfaces prior to event, hand sanitizer on the buffet table, no food or drink during the event, (however wrapped water bottles and chips were on offer.) wiping down of door handles prior to and after the event. Masks and full-face masks available on the buffet/ entry table. Contact tracing was recorded via electronic record keeping.

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