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The Grand Autumn Festival

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Held at Robelle Domain Parklands on Saturday 27th May 2023 and hosted by Maynard, the event was a delight to attend and participate.

We had 16 students participate and perform their favourite piece for the Springfield Community, stall holders, organizers and other performers.

Qmech Industries Music School are extremely grateful for the opportunity to overcome fears and enjoy showcasing their chosen music repertoire for family and friends.

The event was a huge success and was attended by MP Charis Mullen, and the Hon. Milton Dick just prior to the closing ceremony.

It was also an honour for our students to have been presented with certificates of participation handed out by one of the most inspirational academics in Queensland- Joseph. (Youngest Lawyer, a Barrister, and about to leave for Cambridge to collect his Masters!).

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