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Virtuoso Hub

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Only four weeks until the Queensland State School Holiday- this is your courtesy reminder to start planning asap for your activities and events early!

At Studio 8 and at Ninth Edition, quality personalized workshops and events will be held for small groups, and families with one-on-one tuition as well.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Virtuoso Hub.

$99 for 3 programs per person.

Our workshops are allocated to Basic, Silver, Gold, and Premium programs and workshops and RRP per Premium Workshop is RRP $79 per workshop.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Age restrictions may mean that some program availability may vary.

Please DM for your expression of interest form so that you can DESIGN YOUR WORKSHOP.

All workshops, courses, and programs are subject to change, they are considerate of WWC, WH, and S and Qmech Industries Quality, Safety, and Best Practice procedures.


for your expression of interest form.

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