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VIRTUOSO HUB music programs

Copyright © 2023 Bianca Qmech All rights reserved. SCHOOL VACAY PROGRAMS include

  • introduction to electric guitar (V)

  • Introduction to keyboard (V)

  • Acoustic guitar (V)

  • Digital music production

  • introduction to drums

  • Family Ukulele, (V)

  • Family Keyboard (V)

  • Band (V)

You will need to bring your own instruments for Virtuoso Hub. Qmech Industries Music School does have instruments for session hire. Terms and conditions apply, please indicate your interest in musical instrument hire on your Expression of Interest Form. Dm Bianca Qmech for your Expression of Interest Form or email Now, here's the deal regarding VIRTUOSO HUB. The activities marked with a (V) are all activities that you can group into the $99 Virtuoso Hub special offer and select up to five activities from. Copyright © 2023 Bianca Qmech All rights reserved. This is an awesome special offer-and includes materials, insurance, venue hire, insurance, licensing, worksheets (if applicable), supervision, and tuition. Copyright © 2023 Bianca Qmech All rights reserved. Virtuoso Hub you can group up to 5 programs for $99 per person. Terms and conditions apply- Up to 5 programs must be less than 5 hours of tuition in total. Offer expires 20 March 2023 Terms and conditions apply. These include- age-appropriate programs and the duration may vary for our younger participants. When you return your Expression of Interest form, we will be able to personalize your program according to your child's age, and your activity selection. Other considerations are our WWC, Workplace Health, and Safety policies and procedures. Copyright © 2023 Bianca Qmech All rights reserved. For your expression of interest form. please DM Bianca Qmech or email

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