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Want to Learn Italian?

Want to learn Italian?

Lavinia lives in Italy and is an English teacher for Italian students. Makes sense to learn to speak Italian from an English teacher residing in Italy! I love my armchair tours and chats with Lavinia, and love seeing the changing seasons as they happen. (Being in Brisbane Australia, snow is an experience I am only privy to online)

I met Lavinia A Doyle a few years ago, not only is Lavinia a sought-after teacher but she is an accomplished songwriter as well with an album out!

Please DM Lavinia A Doyle direct for details about her teaching services. Remember though, that AEST is about 8 hours ahead of Italy, this was one of the first things Lavinia mentioned to me when I first proposed the idea of this amazing online service. This works well with teaching during the day for her Italian students, and in the evening for us Aussies.

For more information, please contact Lavinia A Doyle by DM.

**Arrivederci! and warm regards- Bianca. **

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