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Your Personalized Program

Updated: May 21, 2020

With programs available for as little as $350.00 per person for ten sessions, we offer five programs with various service inclusions. (As at May 2020.)

Your complimentary consultation investigates what is important to you and your family, and provides the building blocks for your program incorporating the fundamentals, plus your program by design initiatives.

Complimentary Consultations.

Complimentary consultations are available on Tuesday afternoon's at our Springfield Central workspace. Other times and days vary subject to availabilty.

What to expect?

Reserve at least half an hour for your complimentary consultation.

Bring your guitar or keyboard if you have one, or at the time of your booking inquiry, indicate that you require to hire one of our guitars for that time. There is no hire fee for guitars or keyboards that are valued to be less than $150.00.

You can also expect a brief induction, and gentle inquiries into your favourite music.

Depending on your level of learning, for example you may have played an instrument before, or you may be an absolute beginner, this determines whether your introduction consists of the fundamentals of your instrument.

During your complimentary consultation, a program outline draft for the next ten sessions will be prepared.

One v One Tuition.

Our sessions are one tutor and one student ratio 99% of the time. Introduction of other students may result due to up and coming events or for the benefit of learning to play, however this may only occur once every three months.

Guitar Tuition and Keyboard Tuition.

Lhiam Qmech Absolute Acoustic Guitar Tuition is suitable for absolute beginner students, through to intermediate level musicians.

Lana Qmech Absolute Beginner Keyboard Tuition is suitable for absolute beginner students.

How to book.



0424 527 198

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